May 12, 2022

30 Best Sites Like 123Movies in 2022 To watch Free Movies Online

if you are searching for some free movie streaming sites like 123movies. then you are at right place. In this article you will find the top websites for movies like 123movies in 2022 to watch all full television series, movies and TV shows online for no cost, and without having to sign up (sign to sign up) and download.

30 Top Websites Similar to 123Movies to watch movies and TV Series

The 123movies platform is among the most popular streaming platforms for movies out there. Are you looking for a different option to 123Movies? We’ve put together over 30 of them here.

1. Vumoo


Do you want to experience an array of amazing films and timeless TV shows? Then you’ll be able to end your search on this fantastic website that will remain with you from the moment you sign up. Let me tell you a thing about the site: the homepage may appear somewhat awkward, however it is packed with everything you’ll ever need.

Websites such as 123movies are becoming an excellent alternative for movie enthusiasts. Forget about Netflix and other streaming services, as you can now watch all the movies you want to watch absolutely nothing.

The most appealing aspect of this website is that they are constantly changing their homepage, either by the addition or removal of content this site. This way they keep their customers informed of the most recent developments both in the realm of films and TV shows as well.

Vumoo is just like other websites like 123movies function. Just click the image, choose the link, and you’re on your way. There are specific sections on each section that provide information about recent additions and the most popular media files. Overall, it’s an excellent place to stream films, but there are advertisements too.

2. CmoviesHD


CmoviesHD is a great alternative to 123movies for watching free online movies without downloading or registration. It provides the biggest library of films and TV series. It also gives you a range of options to search for movies like 123movies.

In this site, you can view 13 international films. In addition it lets you browse films by genres such as crime drama, comedy historical, fantasy, and documentary , among others.

The best IMDB films are also listed at the most popular. Additionally, it provides a the option of requesting a movie. You can submit a request for the film you want to watch if it are unable to find it in the current database.

Streaming is speedy as FMovies, movies, and TV show videos are made available in HD 720 as well as CAM, SD and HD Rip, etc.

The essential information is available regarding a film and, additionally there are 4 to 5 streaming server connections.

3. MoviesJoy


If you’re searching for top sites such as 123movies You must go to MoviesJoy at least once.

It’s one of my top sites to watch films and TV shows for absolutely free online with no cost.

There is no redirection or pop-ups when you scroll the page down from the top, or click the play like other alternatives to 123movies. This is the reason it is my top choice for watching films online for free.

Within each subcategory, you will find many films with all information like IMDB rating and quality, release year, and many more.

It also supports 11 different countries, and includes the recent and most watched films on the home page.

The movie’s main image is marked with high-quality, so you don’t have to search for a dipper to learn about the quality of the film. You can access all the information on home page on a single click.

Additionally, it provides alternative streaming servers to stream your favorite online.

It continues to add new films to its database. So, you’ll easily find what you’re looking.

4. Popcornflix


Popcornflix is a different 123Movies alternative for streaming Movies and TV Shows online with no login. Like the other websites mentioned above it also has a database full of Movies of various genres, mainly old classics and TV shows.

The navigation of the site is simple and easy. The the menu on the home page has all of the important tags, including the most popular staff picks, Staff picks Site originals, Site picks and many more genres are accessible directly from the homepage.

For additional search options, the website has a directory tab that is divided into two categories namely Television and movies. However, the content is not listed in a shortened list however, instead you are able to choose the latest releases from the “New Releases” tab.

With the help of the Video player it’s not HD however it’s adequate. There is no quality control of video and subtitles. However, it has a unique feature that allows you to create GIFs.

Users are also able to leave time-stamped messages, also known as “moments” which makes the experience of watching more engaging Don’t be forgetting to include your comments to the next viewers, if you find something that is unique.

There are also no ads on the website, besides the advertisements in the video of certain films and television shows. Doesn’t require registrations.

5. Soap2Day


I just discovered this streaming website for movies and found it to be awe-inspiring. Don’t take my word for it and give it a go. I’m sure you’ll love Soap2Day.

It isn’t as popular as 123movies however it is the best option to stream streaming movies for free online without downloading or registration.

It provides you with a premium experience with ads and popups with no cost layout. To search for a movie using filters or the traditional search bar.

It also lists newly released films, popular films and top IMDB films.

It’s specifically designed for Hollywood films. If you’re seeking an alternative to 123movies for watching Bollywood films, then go to the next website.

Additionally, it permits users to stream television shows as well as sports for no cost.

6. CineBloom


CineBloom could be a good alternative to 123movies. It lets you watch Hollywood and Bollywood films in HD quality without having to create an account. Its interface contains some advertisements however it doesn’t send you to a lot of spam websites. This is the thing that I like about it.

You can stream online movies here, without having to worry about popups.

When you click the play when you click play, it will display the list of streaming sites such as streaming 1, Stream 2, Stream 3 and more. You can pick any of them to stream your film.

7. LookMovie


I’ve used LooKMovie several times to watch the full length of films in HD quality on the internet. It won’t work with an extensions for adblockers. If you’re using it, you must disable it in order to stream your movie.

It displays one or two commercial windows while you’re watching a movie. They must be closed by pressing the an X symbol. Other windows are fine.

Absolutely, it’s not completely free of ads, but it’s a decent streaming site for movies. Because you don’t have to click play a many times. One click and your movie will begin streaming. This is why it should be listed among websites like 123movies.


Website: isn’t a website like 123movie , but it is among the top streaming sites to watch television and movies. It’s packed with HD movies, new movies and well-known movies. It also lets you look through the top 100 films.

Similar to other websites mentioned It lets you browse films on the basis of genre , and also search for movies with the help of a the bar. Don’t be confused by the registration, you are able to stream the full movie without registering. There are four streaming players. If one is inaccessible to watch the film, you can select another.

It’s the best thing about it is that it doesn’t have spammy advertisements and pop-ups. Therefore, it’s an ideal choice for watching the full length of TV shows online without obstruction.

9. BMovies


BMovies is a second 123Movies option but with a distinct different interface. This URL will bring you to the homepage, which offers a top-bar that lets you pick a genre, or country. There are categorizings to “Tv Series” as well as “Movies” which further narrows the search.

There’s also an “Most watched” link that directly takes you to the most watched content on the platform , with you needing to think of something for many hours.

Then there’s a large search bar can be used to directly search for films and tv series by using keywords. The content-arsenal works since I tried searching for my top favorite shows like Fringe, Sherlock, Leverage and so on. and all of them yielded results.

Ads are however a huge issue. Once you walk away from on the Homepage there’s a slider-ad that is displayed from the right-sidebar that can’t be closed for any reason, and is then closed.

Both the left and the right side of your screen be covered with two ads that move between them. The screen also contains ads.

The play button, too, will not cooperate for the first couple of times, and will keep launching advertisements in new tabs, however If you’re patient enough, it will eventually play the content. There is no registration or fee is required and it’s absolutely free.

10. YesMovies


Another site on the list of websites similar to the 123movies website is YesMovies. There isn’t a movie lover who hasn’t heard of this site, due to its impressive movie library and excellent video streaming quality. But, you must to sign up before you can watch the videos in HD.

Simply select the film or television show that you would like to stream, and the link will direct you to the streamer’s website. YesMovies is not the source for any of the content on its website.

There are many links to the exact video in case one does not work. In addition to watching TV and movies it is also possible to stream music from this website. YesMovies lets you download every media files to your computer as well.

The videos on the site are endless and you can look through this website as many times as you’d like, and without paying a cent. This is an excellent site that offers the ability to filter the results, allowing you to sort it in the way you like.

11. FMovies


After looking through its huge as a sham database of the most amazing movies that are available You’re probably wondering which was the last time you saw it? FMovies is among the top streaming movie websites that requires no registration.

It is possible to give full praise for the way they’ve managed and run their website. It’s not simply beautiful from the out, but inside as well. It is not likely to be bothered by advertisements during your visit to this website.

Not only is FMovies perfect for streaming videos, but it lets you download the file and subtitles to allow you to play it offline.

If you look at the list of websites like 123movies There isn’t any reason to say that FMovies is the most popular. There’s a vast selection of genres you can choose from. What may make you want to watch more is the fact that they offer a variety of films from more than 20 nations.

FMovies is the perfect platform for watching multilingual films including subtitles, and without advertisements, which means a complete weekend plans.

12. 0123Movies


The name suggests loud and clearly of it being an 123Movies-like site Doesn’t it? But when it comes down to layout, it’s more to Putlocker.

When users first visit the website, there’s the section of featured films that shows large thumbnails of the suggested films. Clicking on this thumbnail will bring you more details about the film.

Scroll down and you will find two main sections: Movies as well as TV series. Each section is divided into distinct categories, for e.g. Films is divided into Top Viewed, Recent, Today, and Top Rated.

Television shows On the other hand, there are Popular and Recent. These filters allow users to find their favorite content quicker. When it comes to filters, users are able to select from the top bar that include Films, TV Series, Genre, Year, Trending, etc.

The video player is filled with ads hidden in the background You’ll need to click on the player a dozen times before you can actually see the buttons begin functioning. Most content comes with several servers to stream from.

The player has volume controls along with controls for quality, which means you can alter the quality according to the speed, bandwidth or the size of the screen.

The greatest benefit of the website is that it provides free download of the films and also. Actually the site offers multiple sources, file sizes and quality are available to help users with the process.

13. VidCloud


VidCloud is a website similar to 123Movies that allows users to watch films at no cost. It’s top bar has options like “Movies”, “TV Series”, “Cinema movies”, “Featured Series”. If you’re unable to find your film using these options then you can try the direct search bar based on keywords located in the top-right corner of the website.

The movie-thumbnails display only the running time of the film. There is no other information, except for the brief synopsis of any other website is displayed. When you click on thumbnails, it immediately will take users to the film streaming page.

As with the other options in this list playing the button that appears on the page for streaming has triggered a couple of advertisements. The button also shows the banner ads in static format prior to the button being displayed. Banner and hidden ads appear on other pages on the site.

The website seems to be frequently updated I have seen updates that are under an hour older. The content, however, isn’t necessarily as current. Therefore, if it’s very new movies and shows that you’re searching for it’s possible you’ll be disappointed.

The quality of streaming depends on the particular streaming service you’ve chosen There are a variety of servers that are accessible. You can, however, comment on and rate the film should they wish. There is no registration needed.

14. GoStream


GoStream is another top platform to stream shows and movies on the internet for free, without downloading and is a complete replacement for 123movies. You don’t even need to create an account to stream your favorite TV and movies. In the event that you register, you’ll receive extra options.

The interface on the website is extremely user-friendly You can search for every TV show or film within a matter of seconds by using filters such as genres, countries, years and countries.

You can browse through forty countries’ films. When we think of movies collection, it’s never-ending. This is where you can find every film whether new or old. They update their TV and movie series database each day.

When you hover your mouse over a movie’s image you’ll see details such as movie ratings film plot directors, actors, etc.

You can also browse Top IMDB, Coming Soon, Popular Movies and Popular Series All of which can be can find under the Categories tab.

15. VexMovies


VexMovies is among the most popular alternatives to 123movies. It’s a sleek and simple platform to watch movies without registration or downloading. It provides a basic search bar.

Layout is well-managed You can locate your preferred film with genres such as action or comedy, horror, drama and more.

You can also browse films by the year of release, their quality (CAM HD, SD, and CAM) and the genre. It is also possible to watch a movie with just only two clicks, without annoying ads and pop-ups.

16. PutLockerstoWorld


Putlocker is another of the world’s most viewed streaming websites which is why several duplicates or alternatives have appeared with names that resemble the original. There is no proof of PutLockerstoWorld being with the original PutLockers website, however it offers about similar features. It’s able to stream films without signing to sign up.

The interface is more user-friendly and more advanced than the majority of choices that are on this list. For first, the top bar lets you select from a variety of series, movies New Releases, Recent Episodes, or the most popular content.

Below below that is an alphabetical scale which allows you to click any Alphabet and displays the movies and series that start with the Alphabet The and the best part? No new page or link is triggered rather a slide-down menus is what displays the alphabetically-categorized content on the same page.

The remainder portion of screen dedicated to sections such as featured Movies, Movies and TV-Shows. The featured-movie section auto-scrolling and will show you a variety of movies you might like.

Additionally, there is an upper-left-hand sidebar that displays various Release-years and Genres of the films. Users can simply select a Genre or Release-year to show films from the specific categories. There is a total count of films within each genre is listed clearly.

The movie thumbnails show how good the film available to watch through the platform, when you click on a thumbnail, it provides information like an overview, IMDb rating, TMdb rating, and the actors in the film.

The site doesn’t seem to display many ads, instead only one ad appears at”Play “Play” button. There is no registration are required.

17. Prime Wire


PrimeWire is considered to be one of the most effective alternatives to 123Movies with regards to layout, movie-database, and a host of other features.

Start with the top of the page, the upper-bar has a small search bar that allows us to directly search for films using keywords. There are also links for “Featured Films” as well as “TV Shows”.

The remainder part of the display is split into two sections “Featured Films” as well as “Just Added”. “Just Added” is the Just added section had 72907 films at the time of writing which suggests its vast and impressive movie database.

The right-sidebar allows you to sign in or Sign up to the platform. It’s not a requirement for streaming or download films.

The movie thumbnails are however not interactive. You won’t find any information simply by hovering over them, instead you’ll need to click on each thumbnail to visit the movie page, and then gain access to information regarding the film or series.

The movie-page displays basic information about the film however, such as its IMDB Rating, year of release the run-time, Genre, etc. The synopsis, however, isn’t included.

Each film has 12 streaming servers. There are quality indicators on the servers that could indicate the film’s quality.

A comment-box is also available that you can use to engage with other users, or to provide your opinion.

18. 123Anime Hub


If we talk about sites like 123Movies it’s not appropriate to ignore 123Anime Hub. The name says it all it’s basically the same concept, just with “Anime”. The interface itself is like the 123Movies interface. Additionally, it features an 123Movies-like link in the top-bar!

There’s a search bar at the top right of the page, which lets users search for the show they’re searching for directly. Many might argue that it’s an ordinary keyword-box, but it’s not. After a search has been initiated it will reveal more filters for Year, Genre, Type, Season, and Status.

It has both current and upcoming shows and completed shows that can be watched. If it’s general type of content you’re seeking the top bar lets you do the user to select that. Users can select a Genre or Release-year, Type, and so on. without specifying the keywords.

The absence of advertisements actually amazed me. Do not get confused There are advertisements. But not as many as one might expect. Overall, it’s fairly clean. Multiple servers at times up to 8 are used to stream the content. There are even multiple themes for websites to pick from.

Streaming the content is free. No registration or signup is needed. It’s easy to change or select episodes also, simply click the episode’s name and then it’s on!

19. Stream Likers


The streaming service Likers is more professional than the majority of the other sites on this site. It is designed to cater to the audience that is here to stream movies, and that’s all it takes.

The interface is actually been copied from Putlockers which is among the most popular free movie streaming websites that is available. It has a night theme to make it to be darker. The homepage also has an option to search that can be used to direct look up movies by using specific keywords.

It comes with a top bar that has options like Movies Genres, Most Viewed and TV Series. “Genres” is an option that hovers over and shows Genres like Action, Adventure, Thriller, Crime and so on.

Clicking on thumbnails will show their IMDB rating and synopsis, release date and country, as well as genre. Users can also “favorite” the content. Users can also evaluate the content. It doesn’t contain any ads hidden in the on-click, however, the video’s “Play” button does open an ad.

Video streams are instantly played without the need for registration or subscription. However, it isn’t able to use multiple servers, and for the majority videos, only one streaming server were accessible.

20. YoMovies


YoMovies isn’t like the 123movies website in terms of the interface and filters. However, when it comes to the quality of its movies and collection YoMovies is the top choice among several free movie sites. Yes, it offers an extensive selection of diverse films that include Hollywood films, Bollywood movies, Hollywood movies that are dubbed Hindi movies , Telugu films and many more India films in the language.

You can also view new movies, but the quality isn’t the best. After a while you will be able to watch newly released films in HD too. Additionally, it has a few popups that will appear when you clicking the plan button to play your preferred move.

If you’re looking for a alternatives to 123movies for watching the full TV series online, then look no further than the next alternative.

21. Afdah


Afdah is an alternative to 123movies and PrimeWire. It lets you watch television and movies in high definition without ads. Registration is not necessary.

If I’m talking about layout, it’s amazing, and you can find your favourites easily with many filters.

Addah is accessible for download on iPad, iPhone and Android. It is a massive collection of HD TV and films that you can browse by year, year of the year and genres. You must disable the adsblocker extensions if you are using to stream your favorite shows.

22. Moonline.TV


Moonline.TV is an ad-free streaming site that allows you to stream the most popular Hollywood films in HD quality with no registration. There are a few films in comparison to other websites , but they are all of HD quality.

Therefore, if you’re someone who loves to stream high-quality movies on the internet, Moonline.TV is a perfect solution for you. Other features are comparable to other websites like 123movies.

23. HouseMovie


The final one on the list of sites similar to 123movies includes HouseMovie. It’s a site that is entirely focused on TV shows and series. There aren’t any movies available on this website. Therefore, to be specific for those of a soap-opera fan, then this site is right for you.

The collection of movies that are uploaded to this website is so extensive that you won’t be able to see enough. The list is endless and you’ll continue to explore it.

There are a variety of old TV shows available on the site also, as many people love to explore these shows. There’s a schedule for TV you can follow that helps you stay on top of an upload schedule.

There are thousands of shows that are uploaded to this site , and you’re bound to love this website.

24. Niter


The next one to join the websites similar to 123movies will be Niter. It’s nothing unlike an older dark shady type of site associated with something illegal however it is an excellent source for viewing some of the most popular films on the planet.

Let’s begin by talking about the design of the website. There’s no doubt about the fact that they have done an excellent job in making it the top sites in this particular category. On the homepage you will find a constantly playing slideshow of the best films ever made.

In addition to watching these films through streaming online It follows in the footsteps of some specialized sites like 123movies as well. It permits you to download these movies as well on your computer. The site is broken down into different sister websites, each of which is used for various purposes.

There are some for movies while others are for TV shows. You can stream television shows and films by using Niter’s Niter-Movies or Niter’s TV. Niter-TV keeps track of everything, and also ensures the ease of browsing as well.

25. TVBox


You probably had the impression solely from the name, what type of site similar to 123movies are we discussing here. TVBox is essentially a massive movie and TV show database which was built and maintained exclusively by the community.

There are several sections on the website which help you find that perfect film that you’ve been looking for.

Sites such as 123movies and particularly TVBox have a large database. However, it’s possible that you won’t locate the file you are looking for. If this happens you can contact them to upload the file and upload a few of your files , too.

There is no requirement to sign up on this website and you are free to browse without creating an account. It is certain that you will enjoy the site due to its amazing TV and film collection. I am sure you will be glued to the site for a lifetime.

26. xMovies8


Don’t fall for the name Don’t be fooled by the name, the “X” does not mean any affiliation with adult content instead it’s a completely free streaming website that’s suitable for anyone of any age.

It’s got a top-bar list of movies, which are divided into the top rated, most watched, New sub divisions, and so on and then you can select for TV series that demonstrates its position that it includes Series, and not just films.

It also has a unique search bar with auto-fill features that can fill half-filled text in the event that they are related to popular keywords that are frequently searched for by users on this platform.

What’s unique about xMovies8 is that the majority, if not all the content that is available on the site is available in 1080p or 720p HD quality. Additionally, the website provides description as well as information on the content streaming like run time director, rating, and other such information.

The ads that are displayed on the platform are ok since they are transparently displayed but only a tiny area of the screen filled with advertisements. The play button , however, will redirect users to an CDN site that includes an anti-robot verification and only after we have proven our “humanity” is the link able to direct us to an real streaming page.

Does provide several streaming servers.

27. Icefilms


IceFilms is similar to the 123 Movies in that it permits downloading movies from various sources. The interface isn’t appealing, it’s too awkward and dark, and over-loaded with advertisements. However, it does offer movies, that’s for certain.

The bar’s top has two major sections “TV Shows” and “Movies”. The left-sidebar has two major sections “Recently updated TV Shows and Movies” as well as “Latest releases Movies and TV Shows”. The middle-screen shows a selection of movie thumbnails which are most likely chosen by the team.

Then a graphic-list shows further movies on the remaining part of the display. The right-sidebar has been devoted to advertisements. Every click triggers another tab. Each movie’s link leads us to a website that offers multiple download sites for downloading the movie from.

Basic information like Runtime, Genre, Release date as well as runtime, release-date, etc. are provided for every movie on the page for downloading. The majority of films are available in 1080p or 720p quality. The links work which means they won’t lead to signup or scam websites.

If the site isn’t clear enough and confusing for you to understand, the site includes an “How to download” section. The built-in search bar at the right-hand side helps you find precisely what you’re searching for.

28. HDO


Well, no. it’s not an error. HDO appears to have been influenced by HBO The site, at least, is very professional looking. It allows us to stream movies at no cost without downloading, which makes it one of the most popular 123 Movies alternatives.

Start by using its search bar in the top left corner. You can also use one of the filters that are available, such as Genre Movies, Genre, TV Series, top IMDb and more.

It also allows you to request films in the event that you can’t see them listed elsewhere. You can also use your “featured” listing in the right-hand sidebar. But the “A-Z Liste” link is no longer working in their latest, up-to-date website.

Yes, the site is filled with ads. Every click is redirected to one, and often more than one third-party website. Once you’ve fought through all that, the interface actually is pretty amazing. For e.g. When you press a thumbnail of a movie and you don’t get redirected to any other site owned by third parties. The movie begins playing immediately without any additional steps, ads , or any other information are displayed.

The movie-page also provides comprehensive information about the movies. In addition, the majority of material on the site is in HD (720por 1080p) quality. A brief overview is given to help you formulate an concept. The website isn’t accessible globally and has certain restrictions in some countries, but something a reliable VPN cannot solve.

29. SolarMovie


If you’re searching for a website that is like 123movies, SolarMovie is a great alternative to stream free TV and movies on the internet in HD without registering. The interface is similar to 123movies.

It provides a vast collection of films from a variety of nations like India, USA, JAPAN, CANADA, and France among others.

Here you can look up TV and movies using filters such as IMDB rating as well as genre (romance drama, crime, drama family, fantasy, etc. ) and the country.

The Search Bar is included as are other streaming movies for free websites.

30. TimeToWatch


TimeToWatch is a good alternative for 123movies that lets you watch movies online without having to create an account.

Films are classified under featured, new movies, top IMDB ratings, top rated, most watched, top favorite and released year, country and more.

It is impossible to find the most recent movies here , even in the most recent movies category. Additionally, it is ad-supported as do others free Rainierland alternatives. It has five streaming servers, as well as the entire information about movies like IMDB rating,

The process is very easy. It is all about your preference whether you’d like to make an account on sites like 123movies. Each of the movie websites like 123movies have their specific terms and conditions that could differ from the other.

I’m offering you a range of alternatives here, in case you’re unable to locate a particular movie or media files on one site , then you may want to look at other alternatives to 123movies.

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